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kaidan: mouth upturn


We're going to need a bigger boot.

I just don't want you to think that I'm, you know...a whiner.

[sticky post]Voicemail Post
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"Hey. You've reached the voicemail of Staff Commander Kaidan Alenko. I'm not here right now, so please leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can."


Dr. Bryson's Apartment, the Citadel, Friday
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Kaidan was in a good mood. No, scratch that, he was in a great mood. Had stayed that way for most of the morning, too, even if Shepard had to take off and go talk to someone who might have intel on the Reapers. Dr... something.

Dr. Something had remained Dr. Something until about an hour later, when Shepard called in to let him know that Dr. Bryson had been murdered. And so instead of calling Allie and Jack in for lunch, he was calling them over to a nice apartment-slash-lab in the middle of the Presidium. If they wanted to help. He'd been pretty clear about that. And then pretty clear about it again to Shepard ("Look, Jack's a detective.") as he waited outside in the yard for their shuttle to come in.

It hadn't quite killed his happy buzz. Maybe that was morbid. But still.

[[ for jack and allie and SP. details taken from Mass Effect 3: Leviathan. ]]

Apollo's, The Citadel, Thursday Night
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Okay. Jack and Allie had been dropped off at their hotel. It was approaching dinner time. No more stalling.

Kaidan ran a hand over his hair as he stared at the menu. He wasn't really seeing much of it, really. His brain had been working overtime since Eden Prime and it wasn't showing any signs of letting up. It was stupid. He'd spent years ignoring this-- pretending it wasn't there. First because of protocol, then because Shepard was dead, then Cerberus, and... okay.

Maybe the end of the world was a good reason to change your mind. Maybe Mars had started it. Maybe Eden Prime had driven that home. Didn't mean that this wasn't-- uh, damn it. What if Shepard didn't--?

It was probably a good thing that Shepard saved him from bludgeoning himself to death with the menu by showing up on time. Probably. And... he was still staring at the menu too much.

"...Surprised this place can still get supplies for a menu like this," Kaidan said.

Good save.

[[ for myself in the comments. all dialogue taken from mass effect 3. i keep forgetting how this scene makes me flail. ]]

A Restaurant On The Presidium, the Citadel, Thursday
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... Yep, that email had definitely been something Kaidan had sent. Maybe it'd been a bad idea. Maybe he should just keep it casual. Maybe...

... maybe he could really use the distraction of having Allie and Jack over today. He waited for them at a restaurant opposite the local Portalocity office, one of the few across the galaxy that still took traffic. Reapers were making it harder and harder, these days. He fiddled with his datapad the entire time, told the waiter he was fine twice, then finally ordered a cup of coffee.

Okay, so he was early. It was gonna be a day.

[[ for allie and jack! ]]

Observation Deck, Wednesday
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It was... a day off from reaching the Citadel, and that made it a day for writing letters. Short ones, mostly, to Allie and to Jack, inviting them to come on down and hang out while Kaidan was on shore-leave anyway. Those weren't tough. They meandered a little, sure, but they mostly got to the point.

It was the last one Kaidan was having trouble with. To Shepard.

After Eden Prime... damn, that had kicked up some old memories. And he felt like... maybe... he should talk to Shepard about it.

And maybe... maybe talk to him about something... his friends were gonna laugh at him about. Maybe. Because he'd been thinking. A lot. And most of it... stuff he should be talking about in person. Probably. He leaned over the datapad, let out a sigh. "Right," he muttered. "Time to man up, Alenko..."

Maybe he should schedule Allie and Jack in for before this one. Just... in case he was being an idiot. He shut his eyes. Rubbed at the bridge of his nose. Okay. No more procrastinating.

Hey Shepard,

I don't know about you, but I could sure use a little breather. Next time we're on the Citadel, let me buy you dinner. We should try Apollo's. It's that little restaurant in the courtyard overlooking the Presidium.


There. That was nice and non-offensive, right?

... Was it? Was he trying to be too cool, or--


[[ establishy. email taken from mass effect 3. ]]

Eden Prime, Utopia, Exodus Cluster, Right After Last Post
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The further they made it into the Eden Prime settlement, fighting Cerberus all the way, the less empty it became. And not in the good way. Bodies were everywhere out here, colonists with their snacks still on the table, the screen turned to a sports channel-- all dead. They were picking up the data they needed along the way; Shepard's knowledge of the Protheans, the cipher he'd gotten burned into his brain years ago, was invaluable. He could parse Prothean language like no one else.

Still. Kaidan hoped this would be over soon. He'd rather be out in a real battlefield than fighting his way through someone's home.

Finding the room that held the actual stasis deactivation signal was a blessing. Even if it meant watching the cipher spook through Shepard's eyes again, an unnatural green supplanting his usual baby blues.

"You understood that one, too?" Liara asked as the green faded.

Shepard shook his head for a second. "...Yeah," he said. "Let's get back to the pod."

Kaidan pressed his shoulder against the edge of the doorway and peered out. "Cerberus backup forces are here." He drew his rifle. Yeah. Time to end this.


Cerberus had cut off the bridge, so they'd had to take the long way around...Collapse )

[[ and this mission is over! nfi, taken from mass effect 3. ]]

Eden Prime, Utopia, Exodus Cluster, Right After Last Post
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Eden Prime hadn't changed a bit. Even the air smelled like it had back then - vaguely fragrant, with only a hint of flame and smoke. Yeah. Like paradise in trouble.

"This was a beautiful colony once," Shepard sighed, raising his rifle high.

Kaidan sucked in a breath of that scorched colony air, and raised his own. "Colonists came back after Saren and the geth attacked.They'll come back again.Collapse )

[[ nfi, taken from mass effect 3. post 2 out of 3. ]]

Eden Prime, Utopia, Exodus Cluster, Wednesday
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Eden Prime.

It was the colony where all of this had started, years ago now: Kaidan, a young lieutenant, had gone down to shore for a routine mission with Shepard, and then it had all gotten outrageously out of hand. It was weird to be back there. So much history... Saren. The geth. The Prothean beacon that had lodged itself in Shepard's head-- damn.

And Ashley, of course. The memory was a jarring one. Kaidan found himself thinking of her as the shuttle descended.

The significance wasn't lost on Shepard and Liara, either.Collapse )

[[ let's see if i can actually finish one of these in a few days' time this go around. nfi, taken from Mass Effect 3. ]]

Normandy Crew Deck, Sunday
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Being back on the Normandy again... going through all this crazy shit... it felt right. Even if the whole rachni situation was messing with Kaidan, a little. His kneejerk doubts had faded some, but not completely. And so he sat, stretched out in a comfortable seat on the observation deck he now called home. Sipping his drink, staring at the stars outside...

Yeah. He'd missed that.

He looked up when the doors slid open, and wasn't surprised to find Shepard coming through. "So... rachni again, huh?" Kaidan said, setting his drink down. "Releasing the queen came back to bite us in the ass, I guess."

Cost a whole bunch of krogan their lives. Not that the krogan were the kind to complain.

Shepard rolled his shoulders. He looked away from the stars, down at Kaidan. "Never know what would've happened if we'd killed her," he pointed out.

He had a point. Sort of.

"Sure," Kaidan said. "'If a butterfly flaps its wings,', and all that."

Shepard quirked a smile. "You a fan of chaos theory, Kaidan?" he asked.

"Only so I can fight it," Kaidan said quietly. He turned his attention back to the window. "Hope bringing the rachni onside works out."

He felt the heavy weight of Shepard's hand, patting him on the shoulder. Then, just like that, the man was gone. Busy, probably. Lot of people making demands of him. Kaidan sighed, and snagged his communicator. It'd been... what, a week? Since the last time he talked to anyone back on Fandom--?

[[ can be open for calls, messages, anything that's gotten backed up over the past year... dialogue taken from mass effect 3. ]]

On A Shuttle Back From Utukku, Shortly After Last Post Really
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It had been literally almost a year because transcribing from this canon is hell at least a day since they'd landed on Utukku; the ensuing jaunt through Rachni-infested caves had been... something. Kaidan had a lot of nostalgia for the old days on the Normandy, but Rachni? Fighting Rachni had not been something he'd missed. At all.

He held on to one of the handles in the back of the shuttle, watching Shepard's face as the man sagged back on the bench. It hadn't been an easy decision. They'd had to sacrifice most of Aralakh company to the Rachni to pull off what they'd done, and... there were going to be questions. A lot of questions.

He looked from Shepard to the blood-drenched krogan sitting in the corner of the shuttle, munching down loudly on a chunk of field rations. "I can evaluate you now, Grunt," he offered. "I am a licensed field medic--"

"I'll be fine," Grunt said. He made a loud smacking noise as he bit down on the rations again. "Just some. Scratches." His eyes nearly rolled back into his head, and Kaidan jolted forward. "No, I'm fine, I'm fine, 'm just gonna... nap... time..."

Kaidan looked from the giant krogan now curling up on the bench like a six-year-old kid back to Shepard, and raised his eyebrows.

"That's my Grunt," Shepard said fondly, if tiredly.

Kaidan sighed. "You really think releasing the Rachni queen again was a good idea--?" he asked.

"At some point we have to show some trust," Shepard said. "And we can really use her forces."

"If she's not just going to get indoctrinated again," Kaidan pointed out. "I mean, how much longer are we going to keep giving Rachni the benefit of the doubt--?"

"We need friends, Kaidan."

"I know. But still. The Rachni..."

They stared at each other, in silent impasse.

"I gotta... I wanna hanar blankie," mumbled the bloody krogan warrior cuddled up in the corner.

Shepard sighed. "Let's table this for later."

[[ look who's finally gotten her 360 hooked up again. establishy. will try and finally get this canon catchup DONE while i still have free time. ]]